Two Girls One Concert

I had been talking to this one girl for a couple weeks at this point. It was long enough to where she finally deemed me cool enough to hangout with. We had only met once at a bar, just quick enough to exchange numbers before I had to leave. I thought it was crazy to actually make plans with me. Next we had to find plans.

Our first idea was a bingo night… that didn’t work. Then she thought we could go axe throwing one night so we made plans. We spent the whole night taking out our frustrations by throwing axes and banter with one another. One of the better dates I had been on truthfully, but just wasn’t something I was feeling.

We kept in touch for the next few days after the date but we just didn’t ignite a spark together. Our conversation dwindled down and became dull. I chalked it up as a lost cause and figured it just was just another night wasted. Our flame faded away before we even had a chance.

We went a few days without talking and it just felt like it was what it was. We gave it a chance and it just didn’t get running. That’s life. Naturally to distract myself from another failed attempt for love, I went back on the dating apps.

One of the first people I stumbled across was someone I never thought I would see again. Right there on my phone was the girl I have always wanted to meet from my apartment. The girl, who I always went to the mailbox at the same time everyday because I saw her there once, hoping I could bump into and see her for more than just walking past me in the hallway. She was right there, only a swipe away.

I swiped on her, went to work to finish my job, and raced back to my phone wondering specifically if she answered me. Seeing her notification on my phone made me smile like a little kid all kitty staring at my phone. I even did a little fist pump to myself at work, unable to contain my excitement.

I messaged her and she messaged me back just as quickly. Before I knew it we had each other’s numbers and were making plans to hangout based off of the spark we both felt overtime we walked by each other in our apartment. As I was messaging the girl I have been dreaming about, the girl from the axe throwing sent me the first message.

After three days of asking, she was wondering if I wanted to go to a concert that night with her. I couldn’t answer her right away, There was something bigger in the equation now that I had to solve. I finally struck my chance with this girl. I wanted to give it a real try.

The girl of my dreams texted me back and just like that we were off. It wasn’t small talk, we were vibing with each other. Out of the blue, just simply based off of the fire we had burning between us, she asked me if I wanted to go see a concert with her. The same concert that the other girl was going to see.

Just as she told the other girl, I said I couldn’t make it. As much as I wanted to sprint to the dance floor with her and get lost together, it wasn’t the place. The other girl would be there. I actually cared about this girl. A girl I have always craved to see again. I’m not the type of guy to talk to two girls at once. Nor am I the type of guy to talk to two girls at a one party. Nor am I the type of guy to talk to any girl at the party. So I figured my best move for everyone was for me to not show up, and make plans with the girl I have been dreaming about and another night.

She caught me in the midst of being a fuck boy, I couldn’t let me coming out with you and accidentally running into a girl I lied to, a girl I went out with a few weeks ago, be my first impression. As much as I wanted to get laid, maybe that I might of had two chances, I knew immediately when I saw her in the hallways that this was something real. I couldn’t ruin it for the sake of someone’s company for one night. I’d rather wake up to the love of my life than fall asleep next to someone who will leave in the morning. I just never believed that something as little as seeing her in the hallway would flip my entire world upside down.

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