Real Friends

There isn’t anyone out there that I truly hate. Yeah I may not like everyone, but I can’t think of anyone that’s out there calling me their enemy or I’m calling my foe. I like to think I’ve done a decent enough of a job thus far with my life staying on good terms with everyone I’ve met that I don’t have any bad terms to worry about with anyone. At least I don’t think so. I mean standing on a ledge, gun to my brain, if I had to pick someone I absolutely despise, there would only be two people I could name. Which is perfect because there’s no way I’ll ever see them again.

The only person that even knows about these personal vendettas of mine is my best friend. I’m not much of a fan of this one kid strictly because of playing sports with him growing up. We would always clash, one upping each other every way we could, and naturally hated each other. And honestly, subconsciously still do. We just haven’t crossed paths since eighth grade so I haven’t been too worried about him anymore.

The only other person that I truly loathe for no reason is this one guy I’ve honestly never met a day before in my life. I was dating this girl one time and he seemed to be lurking as my shadow everywhere I went with her. There was this time we had our first real fight between us and I’m sure you can guess it, he was there for her immediately. Once I wasn’t in school anymore he was the guy meeting her at her locker everyday after school not me. He would do anything he could to be with her while I wasn’t there. There’s no way I could like him.

And that’s exactly when I found out who my best friend was. All that stuff went down back in middle school and in high school. Just recently my buddy was telling me how he saw one of those dude’s car in the driveway near his house, my shadow guy actually, and promptly went into his house to get some of the fresh deli in his fridge.

He ripped off a few slices of cheese from the bag, walked across the street in the middle of the night, and slapped on two slices of cheese onto this guy’s car. He didn’t do it for any personal grudge, he did it for me. He said one of the cheeses was for me and the other one was for him. He did it for absolutely no reason at all other than the sheer fact of me not liking this guy. My buddy hated him for me and stood in my corner. A real friend.

That day solidified him as my best friend. I have never had anyone stand with me as sternly as he has with me… time and time again. I don’t deserve a friend like him. It was only by chance and by the way of being sorted alphabetically by our last names in high school that we became best friends. A best friend that I never thought I would have. Thank you.

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