Cornelius II

Everyone has an alter ego. Mine just happens to be named Cornelius and he tends to come out as soon as tequila gets involved. Sometimes it only takes one shot, sometimes it takes three, but once the tequila touches my lips, you better start preparing to spend the rest of the night with Cornelius and […]

Third Time’s A Charm

They say you fall in love three times in your life. The first one is that puppy love high school sweetheart kind, proceded by the hard love that teaches you all those harsh lessons, only to be concluded by that unexpected love, that real thing that you never thought you would ever find. What happens […]

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Growing up I always thought my house was haunted. I was scared to be home alone, I was scared to shut all the lights off in the room, like I wouldn’t even watch anything scary in my house. I felt like if I gave them any sort of chance or darkness they would surface. I […]

It Makes No Sense

Us humans have technically been here for almost five million years ago. The first homo sapiens however weren’t walking this earth until about two hundred thousand yeas ago. North America itself has only been home to humans for close to twenty thousand years. All I’m stating is that, as a whole, we’ve been breathing the […]


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About Me

Just a hard working electrician that loves making the most of his days. There isn’t anything special about me besides the hole in my chest. A Pectus Excavatum for those of you that are curious about it’s medical term. These are just a few of the stories I have been able to remember, some of my high thoughts, and people that I won’t ever forget. There’d probably be a lot more stories I could tell if I had a half decent memory but i’ll write what I remember. Either way enjoy.

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