You Know What They Say

They say love is something you just know when you find it. Ask anyone who’s found it and they’ll be the first to tell you, “I guess when you know you just know.” Love acts without our consent. One moment we’re out looking for someone to waste our night with and then all of a […]

What’s Your Crossing Guard Look Like?

When I ask you to picture a crossing guard what do you see? I’m sure you, just as everyone I have asked, pictures this old white hair lady somewhat resembling your grandmother or some cliche version of her. That’s exactly how I pictured them to be too. In fact that’s the only way I have […]

I Am Scared Of Leaves Now

People go away to relax. That was exactly what I had intended to do when I planned to go up to Maine. The itinerary consisted of nothing but great times with some good company simply relaxing together. There were trails to hike, beers to drink, and smores to roast on the campfire for us all […]

I Can’t Be The Only One

She is the most attractive girl I have ever seen. She is truly beautiful. I fell in love with her the first moment I saw her and there was no looking back. The more I got to know her the deeper and deeper I fell. One date turned to three and then before we knew […]


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About Me

Just a hard working electrician that loves making the most of his days. There isn’t anything special about me besides the hole in my chest. A Pectus Excavatum for those of you that are curious about it’s medical term. These are just a few of the stories I have been able to remember, some of my high thoughts, and people that I won’t ever forget. There’d probably be a lot more stories I could tell if I had a half decent memory but i’ll write what I remember. Either way enjoy.

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