It’s All About Who You Know

It was just a small little job someone asked me to help them with on a Saturday. Apparently the electrician they had doing the work ghosted them and they just needed someone to get done ASAP, so they called your boy. It really wasn’t that intensive, all I had to do was install the lights […]

Worst Job Ever

There’s plenty of shitty jobs out there. I have a long list of jobs I would never do like; being a painter, a mover, or a plumber are some of my least favorites. Those jobs are dirty, physically strenuous, and honestly kind of boring. To each his own, but it isn’t something I could do […]

The PanHandler

I like to think I have a decent job. I mean it pays the bills, keeps a roof over my head whatever right. The thing that sucks about my job is that I actually have to work. Like bust my ass you know? Sometimes I come home from work smelling like I just played a […]

Must Be Wicked Cool

The other day I called the customer before I left my house to head to this house so he’d be ready for me. I’d rather give them a heads up so they can be there waiting for me as opposed to me waiting for them. Time is money, you know. When I call someone I […]


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About Me

Just a hard working electrician that loves making the most of his days. There isn’t anything special about me besides the hole in my chest. A Pectus Excavatum for those of you that are curious about it’s medical term. These are just a few of the stories I have been able to remember, some of my high thoughts, and people that I won’t ever forget. There’d probably be a lot more stories I could tell if I had a half decent memory but i’ll write what I remember. Either way enjoy.

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