Ex Boyfriend

She was cooking dinner at my place that night. In the rush of leaving her apartment she left a few ingredients she needed for dinner. I was sent back to her house to retrieve those items so we could have a perfect meal together. Since she was already nose deep into the cooking process it made sense for me to go.

I grabbed my backpack, slipped on my crocs, and headed onward to her place. My headphones were blasting and I was lost in my head the entire walk to her place. When I crossed the street, I could only stop and look. I had no way of listening if a car was coming when I crossed the street to her place. I was too busy getting down to some old school J Biebs.

It didn’t dawn on me until I stepped foot into her apartment complex… her ex boyfriend still has keys to her place. I have a tendency of being a bit too pessimistic sometimes, so before I even clicked the button to call the elevator to take me to her floor I was already stressing myself out. “What if he happens to be in there tonight, of all nights? What if I open the door to him on the couch?” I was freaking out.

Part of me was kind of hoping that the elevator would get stuck so I wouldn’t be able to get into her apartment. I psyched myself out by thinking about the off chance that he’s going to be at her place. I honestly was thinking that it would be so much better being stuck in the elevator. Tragically the elevator opened up to her floor and I was left to go into her apartment, grab the four things she needed to have a perfect meal, and hope that I wouldn’t encounter the old boyfriend.

I found her key within her overly decorated key chain consisting of mace, a whistle, and too many keys that did nothing. I unlocked the door and got me inside. Immediately I turned on the lights, looked in the bathroom to see if anyone was in there, checked her bedroom to make sure no one was in there then and ran to the fridge where the one thing I could remember was. I saw one of her containers that she needed on the counter, threw it in my backpack, and called it quits. I got out of there as soon as I could. I didn’t want to cross paths with him that night.

I got back to my apartment essentially empty handed. There were four things she asked me to get and one of those things she specifically needed for dinner that night. I forgot it obviously, I only got two of those things. I instantly upset her with my empty backpack and rightfully so. I mean she chef’d up this whole meal for us, set the table with a plate full of food for us, and waited for me to get back with her before she ate.

I don’t think I have ever seen her more disappointed than I did that night. She asked for one thing and I couldn’t even do that for her. I messed up… big time. I guess the moral of the story here is; if there isn’t anyone hiding in the closet, or in the shower, or under the bed, there probably isn’t anyone out there looking to whack you. So take your time and get everything she asked for. You’ll know if you need to rush out of there.

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