I Hope They Don’t Reopen

About a month ago I was introduced to this banging Asian restaurant down the street from my place. I can’t get enough of it. Maybe like three or four times a month I find myself calling them up to place my same order for pickup. They always answer immediately, like after the first ring. I’ve never once called them and heard it ring twice. They’re always open.

The other day when I drove by the plaza it was in was being torn down for construction. I was appalled, completely without warning, without even a sign, or anything announcement they started demolishing one of my favorite restaurants. It looked like the only thing that was still open in that plaza was a Dunks. When I got home that day I had to call and see if they truly closed.

I got this sudden hankering to have their food at least one last time. Like knowing that this could be my last time ever eating them. That was if they were still actually open. So I called them, and just as the sun rises every morning, they answered the phone immediately. I promptly ordered what I always do and started walking towards my favorite restaurant. I had my doubts about whether or not they were open but when they took my order, took my card information, and charged me for my food, I was ecstatic to have their food one last time.

But when I got there I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was outraged, I was mortified, and most of all I was standing there hangry and speechless. I tried to open the door to get inside and it was locked. I peeked through the window and saw a ladder and a couple of job site tool boxes sitting on the floor. I could feel my heart crumble and could hear my stomach screaming from inside of me.

My favorite restaurant no longer existed. They closed down before anyone could even get their last meal from them. Worst of all, they still kept their phones active. Those assholes are breaking hearts left and right, answering phone calls, taking peoples money, just to leave us at their empty restaurants doorstep, starving, and disappointed. My favorite restaurant hastily became my least favorite restaurant… ever. I was disappointed in them. They didn’t deserve my business anymore after the stunt they pulled. Hell they don’t deserve anyone’s business after this stunt they pulled.

I hope that when they relocate they lose all their customers. No one should be giving them any business anymore. I just can’t believe they took twenty two dollars and sixty seven cents from me. They just lost a steady mostly revenue of at least a hundred bucks a month.

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