“Don’t Get Married”

Us tradesmen live a simple life. We all get up for work each and everyday before the sun rises and sweat our balls off at work by seven am. We grind all week, looking forward to the weekend so we can finally get away from all the other guys at work that simply just breathe and annoy us by the end of the week. All to be excited to see everyone back at work again on Monday morning like we’re all each other’s best friends.

On paper, most of the tradesmen you talk to seem to be living their life, at least the life I keep dreaming about. They have a home to call home, a wife that I presume is the love of their life, and some kids to help them give them purpose to all the madness in this world. Like they all seemed to have a reason to get up each and everyday and go to work. Some of the guys got lucky. They found someone that makes them feel safe and made their fairy tales come true together.

It’s something I epitomize having one day in my life. I see all these men having a home they can call home. The same one I’ve always aspired to have and for some reason I can’t understand, they all hate it. Most guys on job sites are miserable. So much so that almost everyday, they remind me, a single kid, to never get married. If only I had a dollar for every time I heard that. It’s hands down my least favorite three words that anyone can put together.

Believe me, walk on any job site and you’re bound to hear four or five people complaining about their home without even having to ask them a question. Some people just go off and start rambling about how much they’d rather be working than at home dealing with their family. I just can’t wrap my head around why these guys are so unhappy with their lives. Not for nothing, they all have everything that I have spent my whole life dreaming about. How can they be so pessimistic?

I guess that’s why they call it settling down. People just find something that feels safe enough so they call it quits on chasing tail and finally “settle down” with just someone. I can only assume that they just felt like it was time for them to have kids and gave up on all the going out finding something real to build off of and took what they could get. They “settled down.”

I hate that name for it. Settling down… sounds like you’re content with a third place trophy. Maybe some people are satisfied with the bare minimum. They’d rather Just have someone to hangout with, rather than someone they want to hangout with. Call me crazy but I’m not that kind of guy. I’d rather spend my life alone than forcing myself to waste time with someone I don’t care about. Nor would I want to raise a family in such a plastic, broken home. I’d rather be alone than have to fake some sort of love like that.

I want it all or nothing, in no way am I ever going to settle down. I’m going to get married to the love of my life, someone that I can’t leave in the morning for work without kissing goodbye, someone that I stay up with all night because I can’t get enough of her. My home is going to be built strong, one that I can truly call home, one that I get excited to go to after work each and everyday.

I won’t ever settle down. I’m going to find someone to love for the rest of my life, something real, something that I’ve always dreamt about. When I find that I won’t be settling down, I’ll just be starting my journey.

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