We were the boys of fall. Once school would start in September, we’d already be a week of two a days, a week of scrimmages into our season, our games were the one thing that made the new school year that much more enjoyable. We’d fill the hallways rocking our gamely jersey every Friday while the girl we were cruising on, or our high school sweetheart, or our now wife rocking our away jersey wearing it just as proudly.

It didn’t matter that our team was diversely full of jocks, douchebags, and nerds. Our team was a family and if we played together at all during our time at Northeast then you know we’re always bound together by that brotherhood. We went through two a days in the dog days of summer together, we went to war together, we literally got in fights together because we were a family. And that will forever keep us all connected.

When we got to our locker room after school it didn’t matter who was in what shop, who knew who, or how good you were, we all had each other’s backs no matter what. We’ve all been through blood, sweat and tears for each other, we knew what it meant to step into that locker room everyday and bust our ass to be better not just for ourselves but for our team. That’s what made us a family. It wasn’t just a word we said at the end of practice, it was our Credo, our team was and always will be a family.

That’s exactly what made us so good, we weren’t just filled with individual talents, we were filled with almost sixty kids, grinding it out every single day after school making each other better. Your team is only as good as what your scout team can put together and it took every single one of us to be perfect. From the coaches, to the starters, and all the way down to the freshmen we all bought into each other we all wanted to be perfect.

My last time playing football we were damn near perfect. We rolled through the regular season, upset the newspapers when they wrote us out, had a team not shake our hands for running up the score after they tried to fight us the year prior, and went undefeated. Our team was perfect and those kids who went through those games with me will forever be my brothers. We will forever be a family

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