Testing My Integrity

As an electrician, I’ve seen a lot in my days going into peoples houses and by a lot I mean a lot. One time I was working on under counter lights, bending my back on the counter top like I was doing the limbo installing the lights while the lady, who hired me to do the work, was doing the same next to me. She had her shoulders brushing against mine, still talking to me, while she watched everything I was doing. I can’t tell you how many carcasses of snakes or mice I’ve found when I open boxes in attics or basements. It takes a lot nowadays to catch me off guard, but every now and then something does surprise me.

Like the other day I got sent to fix a light at this guy’s house. It was just an average call I thought to myself. So I called the guy who had just worked at this house a month prior and asked if it was something he did or was it under warranty. Turns out it wasn’t so I had to charge the guy for my work, but before he hung up he said to me, “Just a heads up that guy you’re going to see is completely blind.”

This was a first for me for sure. Never have I ever been sent to a blind guy’s house to fix a light. For the entirety of my drive over there my mind was in a pretzel. How the hell does this guy know his light isn’t working if he’s severely blind? How the hell does he even know the light doesn’t work? Then I thought, how the hell would this guy even know if I fixed it or not?

This was a true test of my integrity. Do I take his money, pretend to fix his light, and move onto the next job quickly or do I actually take my time to do the work for him and see why his light wasn’t working? When I got there I had him sign off for the work so I could start and I pretended to work for about twenty minutes while I sat on my ladder talking to him. Once I thought it had been long enough, I told him his light was working again, took his money, and went onto the next job. There’s no rest for the wicked out here.

One thought on “Testing My Integrity

  1. Wow
    I can see why the majority of  electricians do that. 
    How long it takes you to complete a  task demonstrates how difficult  it is and how much you can  charge for it.


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