It Saves Friendships

I’m not much of a Facebook guy. The one reason why I still have it is because all my other apps I use are linked to it. And also because I’m friends with some of my old teachers that I have a wicked crush on, so I stay on it liking all of their pictures so they don’t forget about me. Other than that I have no reason for Facebook. Although I will be the first to admit it does save friendships.

It’s because of Facebook I get reminded of all of my friends’ birthdays. As I’ve expressed before my memory is terrible and if you think I actually remember anyone’s birthdays other than my family you’re crazier than I am. Facebook has been the sole reason why I still have old friends from back when I was a kid. Because Facebook never forgets someones’ birthday.

The only other time I can see an argument for Facebook being relevant is when someone finds that significant other to be in your life forever. Only and only when it becomes Facebook official is when the relationship is proclaimed to be real and taken seriously. If it isn’t Facebook official then it isn’t that serious.

I guess other than those few things I can’t see any reason to have Facebook. I hate all apps in general and probably Facebook the most. But yet I find myself on it everyday checking to see if there’s someone I know that’s birthday is today. I don’t ever miss a chance to say happy birthday to an old friend.

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