Buying Movies Online

One of the better things that has happened since this whole covid thing is the fact that we don’t have to go to movies anymore. Hell we don’t even have to leave our house anymore. We’re living in such a weird time where we’ve been secluded for so long, that new movies aren’t just at theaters anymore, they’re right there waiting for us in the comfort of our own home.

All we have to do is turn on our tv, search for whatever we want to watch, and bang it’s there waiting for us. The only inconvenience about the whole thing is the process of trying to actually watch the damn movie. I don’t understand why buying a movie through one of those apps is such a redundant process.

Have you ever bought a movie through one of those apps? It’s the most tedious and stupidest thing that I’ve been forced to have to tolerate. It’s like writing your name on the paper at a focus group, it’s pointless and a waste of time, just like trying to start the movie you just bought. You would think that when you hit the button that says, “Purchase ($20.99)” the movie would start promptly after.

Nope. After you click the purchase button, it takes you to another page and asks you, “Are you sure you want to purchase this movie?” I don’t think I could be any more clear that I’m ready to watch a movie then when I click the purchase button but that’s just me. I’ll already be sitting there with all my snacks ready to dive in when the movie starts.

Again I clicked yes I’m sure I want to watch this movie. Then it for a third time, takes us to another page. It asks us a different question this time, “Do you want to watch this movie now?” Nothing infuriates me more than being asked the same question three times. Like Will Ferrel in the Austin Powers Movies, I can’t stand to be asked the same questions three times. It’s just ridiculous how many different ways they find to ask me if I wanted to watch the movie I just clicked to pay twenty dollars for now.

What else would I do? Are there people out there that don’t watch a movie immediately after they buy it? Do people buy movies and watch them later? If you forgot your snacks I mean by all means you can pause it? Why wouldn’t I want to watch this movie now? Or am I crazy? I’m surprised they didn’t ask me to click on all the pictures that have a traffic light in them or some other stupid security question.

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