Car Wash

I met this girl down here that I was completely infatuated with for a couple months. I was answering all her texts just as quickly as they came in. She intrigued me more than anyone has in a long time and all I wanted to do was to give her all of my time. We got to know each other intimately on both a physical and emotional level that we did not anticipate.

It felt like after each night we shared and all those days we’ve spent talking, I would become more and more interested in her each night as I laid there before I fall asleep. She was pulling me in, sucking me into her gravitational orbit, slowly stealing all of my attention. It was starting to feel like something I actually wanted to give a try. She got to know me better than anyone I’ve met down here so far.

So much so that she knew that the reason why I was always inviting her to the pool at my place, to hangout and swim, was so I could see her in a bathing suit. She always looked incredible in whatever bathing suit she found to wear that day. I guess that’s not entirely true, I just knew she was a sucker for a pool hang and since I didn’t have a car it was a win win for all of us.

One night while we were just wasting time texting each other she randomly started sending me selfies of her in all of her new bathing suits she just got. Her work had this carwash charity thing and she wanted me to pick out my favorite for her to wear. So that when I went through the carwash I could see it in person and be in awe.

All I could think about was seeing her wash my car. A million different provocative scenarios rushed through my head. How could I decide which bathing suit looked best on her, I thought they all looked incredible. They looked like they were painted on her and to pick one would be impossible. She told me to come by the wash so she can do the supreme clean on my car.

That’s when I remembered tragically… I didn’t have a car. There was no way I could see her cleaning my car if I didn’t have a car. I doubt they’d let me walk through the car wash without a car that makes no sense. What would they just bathe me? There were only two options; I could pathetically call an Uber ride to take me through the wash or I could ask my brother if I could borrow his car for an hour, just so I could go through her carwash.

He quickly shut that down and as beautifully sexy as I knew she was going to be, I did not want to experience that with some random Uber driver in the front seat while I’m wearing a mask in the back.

This has been the first and only time where not having a car has hurt me. I’m currently looking for a car to buy so I won’t miss it next time. Or I’ll just ride to her house and we can wash my car together once I have a car. Either way it’s time for me to get a car.

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