You Don’t Have To Watch Tv Anymore

I do my best to stay relevant and keep up with all the new trendy tv shows. Hell I feel like we all are at that point, I mean what else can we do? As soon as a new show comes out, it’s like everyone pounces on it like flys on shit. It’s almost as if the entire world is eating, breathing, and talking about whatever new show just came out. And if you haven’t heard of it you become essentially the outcast that lives under a rock

I’ve found myself being the pariah more often than not. I tend to watch strictly what I like. I’m the type of guy that’d rather rewatch a show fifteen times over and over again than waste an hour of my time hooping to find my new show to watch. I like what I like. Hence why I find myself as the odd one out. I don’t get behind the initial hype of a show until I finish the current season of New Girl or Californication that I’m presently watching.

The worst part about prolonging my watching of all these hit new shows, is I actually never have to watch them. Between all the memes, the articles, and hearing people talk about them I have no reason to waste my time watching them. I’ve never seen a second of Tiger King but could tell you the entire synopsis. Same goes for The Office, granted I may miss out on some of that humor but I get it. Or even Stranger Things, I mean I get what’s going on.

Nowadays, it’s like if you just wait a week after a show comes out, everyones talking about it enough, ruining it for you, there’s no reason to watch it. There have been few shows that I’ve actually got behind the hype for and that’s; Peaky Blinders, Wanda Vision, and The Umbrella Academy. All of these have been incredible and as spectacular as they are because no one’s ruined them for you. You don’t find anyone talking about them, they’d rather be quiet and let you experience it for yourself. Very few shows can outlast their initial rush.

Just because people think it’s the next best thing or that they can’t stop watching shows, doesn’t mean it’s going to be as breathtaking for you as it is for them. We all have our own taste. It’s easy for us to get behind something that seems so great, something magical, at first, something new is always awesome because it’s different. But it sucks when we realize it’s not anywhere close to anything we actually enjoy wasting out time with. We like what we like, sometimes hearing enough about something is enough to know that it’s not worth wasting your time with it. Yeah we’re talking about tv shows still right. Fuck Tiger King.

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