Open Door Friday’s

I remember as a kid we used to have these epic neighborhood block parties all summer long. Some of the parents that lived on the street would park their cars on each end of the street to prevent traffic flowing through so all us kids could roam free without them worrying. And of course they could block and fill the streets with their coolers, grills, yard games, and sometimes even fireworks to keep everyone entertained all night long. We mainly played manhunt until everyone ran out of beers and it was time to help clean up and go home. I miss those block parties.

I miss them enough I’m going to bring them back. Unfortunately I currently live in an apartment complex so the whole block party idea is going to have to wait until I get a house on a quiet street. Until then I’m going to start a block party apartment style. Friday’s will now be open door Friday’s. I’ve adopted this policy at my place for whenever I’m just sitting in the living room watching the game or practicing my Wii skills, I’m just going to leave my door propped open in case anyone wants to hangout.

It seems like everyone in this complex has just moved to the city like my brother and I. Everyday we all walk by each other’s apartments not knowing another soul. I’m willing to bet we’re all around the same age or at least love Wii half as much as I do. I figure if I start leaving my door propped open maybe people will stop by for a quick string of some Wii bowling or a cold Bud Light.

Hell I should just get a Yeti cooler, fill it with some ice and Bud Lights, and use that to prop my door. That will get people to stop. Who could turn down a free drink and some Wii sports? I can only hope it snowballs and the whole apartment complex endorses open door Fridays. It’ll only be a matter of time until we’re all partying in the hallways together. Just like the good ole times I had at the block parties. Minus the fireworks and all of course.

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