Why I Hate The MCU

I started off as a fan don’t get me wrong. I’m kind of a nerd with some of this comic stuff. I was like seven when that first Spiderman movie came out and I was obsessed with it. I think I was Spiderman for Halloween for the next six years. Right from those opening credits where the comic strips flashed by on the screen was the exact moment I fell in love with super heroes. The first complete series I owned, in all it’s individual copies, was Civil War. And for some reason I sold it at a yard sale as a kid and had to recollect it later.

The comic was freaking awesome. I mean as a ten year old reading those comics, was exhilarating. In one issue I got to read about all the super heroes I’ve always heard heard of. The best part about it was they were all battling in one epic war, as you may very well know. When I heard they would going to make Civil War into a movie I reread the comics the week before so I’d be refreshed and ready to see the movie opening night. I walked out of there utterly disappointed.

I was stoked to see Spiderman finally enter the MCU. I knew how pivotal his role was in the actual events of Civil War, and I couldn’t wait to see it in live action. That was until the movie started playing out. They flat out ruined it. Spoiler In the comics, Spiderman originally allies with Tony Stark, revealing himself as Peter Parker to the world. At this point it seems like Iron Man is on his way to victory until Spiderman actually switches sides, back stabs Tony Stark, and brings order for Cap to prevail and win the war. Where was all that in the movie?

How bout Infinity Gauntlet? You just wanted to blue ball us with an Adam Warlock post credit scene and do nothing with it. You split the comic into two movies and still couldn’t fit him in there. The only reason why The Avengers stood a chance in their battle with Thanos was because of him, he was the soul stone. How bout Mistress Death, who is essentially Thanos’s only weakness. What about Mesphisto, Thano’s right hand man? I know you didn’t have the rights to fantastic four but Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Galactus, were all pivotal in the Avengers coming out on top. I’m just saying there’s a lot more to the story that they’re neglecting that I personally found most intriguing.

I will give credit when credit is do and admit Thor Ragnork is one of my favorites. Mostly because it so closely resembles the graphic novel Planet Hulk story that I absolutely loved. Of course I can’t neglect the Guardians of The Galaxy lives either. Their soundtracks alone in their movies make them a top five easily… both of them.

The last thing I’ll say is I’m not a fan of Tony Stark. They have his ego and his narcissism down to a T, but I want to see the alcoholic Tony Stark they had in The Ultimates comics. The one they pretty much used as their story line for their MCU. It’s the reason why he’s such an asshole and makes it that much better he’s still out there on the front lines saving the world from any threat that surfaces. Give him more personality, show some flaws in these super hero’s instead of making them all out to be perfect little angels.

Marvels comics are awesome, but in all honesty their movies lost me. Oh that reminds me I love Wolverine and Dead-pool, but notice how they weren’t technically Marvel movies. They were stand alone movies that followed their comics… verbatim. Marvel has been lucky to slap their name those movies and Tim Hollands Spider-man. I think their movies are too bumble gummy compared to their what their comics sometimes portray.

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