What DC Needs To DO

I just don’t understand how DC Comics are slacking with their cinematic universe. All they have to do is just start shooting one and done movies. It’s evident that Marvel is paving and has been paving the path for this whole comic book cinematic universe, so why even bother competing with them? At the least DC would merely follow in their foot steps, imitating what they’ve done. At the most DC can try something original, pave a new road, one that’s uniquely to theirs.

I love DC and everything about them, even all their movies to date. DC comics feel like there’s this darkness constantly lingering over their stories. Unlike Marvel’s who seems to always shine light like an angel would. But you DC, you’re the demons and you guys embrace it shit out of it. Every dark story you guys create whether it’s Constantine, Swamp Thing, or Red Son, you always find a way a sign some sort of light at some of the darkest times. You always have a reason for hope, no matter what, hence why Superman is your backbone.

Not just because he’s faster then a speeding bullet, or more powerful than a locomotive, or that he can leap tall buildings in a single bound, but because of his heart. The S on his chest that represents hope, fills his heart and keeps he from ever giving up. He always see the glass half full. He will fight to his last breath if it meant giving people a chance to be shine. He is their light. In your comics you’ve stretched boundaries, crossed lines, and open the gate for so many opportunities and stories waiting to be told, or in this case seen. You’ve already told them and it doesn’t matter how dark you get you can always find some light to shine.

Let’s be honest Marvel got way ahead of the curve with their movies, but it doesn’t mean they’ve won. Nor does it make them any superior to what DC has done. All DC has to do is take any one of stories and make it a live action movie. You just made Red Son as a cartoon, an incredible comic mind you, why not make it into a full blown motion picture. DC has some of the best cartoons, they’re truly spectacular. I even cried at the end of young justice I swear to you… a freaking cartoon! Make these things real movies.

They have Night Wing for example, forget an origin story (although he’s Court of Owls story would be fucking incredible) and give us a Teen Titans movie reboot based off the show, that most of your current fans, grew up watching on Saturday mornings when we were allowed to watch tv. I don’t need you to introduce Red Tornado, or Jon, or Shazam (Although it’d be awesome), everybody knows enough of them, we don’t need to see everyones origin story. Give us one of your quick five story comics like Hero’s in Crisis and turn it into a movie. Spoiler who cares if everyone dies at the end. It doesn’t have to be the universe they commit too. I still haven’t figure out if DC ha fifty two universes or unlimited, nut either way just make it. It’s an amazing story that people would love to watch in live action. Or even Make a stand alone live action show based off of Batman Long Halloween.

You’re blowing it DC, but you haven’t completely lost yet. They have too much comic material not to be cranking these things out like Marvel does. They don’t have to try to compete or one up what Marvel is dong. They’re doing their own thing. Do your own thing. You guys have way more you can develop with Doomsday Clock, Flash Forward, and Watchmen (sorry Alan Moore). You right there have an epic show or a quintology and can bring everything together. Just do it. Forget the origin stories, your comics have done that, fans know them, and people could pick up on it, we just want to see one of their incredible comics being played out in front of our eyes. They have a chance to reintroduce the world to the Watchmen and insert them into the universe the DC universe. Make that film, give me Superman vs Dr Manhattan right now. Thinking about that scene right now makes my pants shrink.

Just give us something. Nothing has to relate. We just want to see one of those great short comics you guys sneak into a series into a real move. DC just got back Static Shock give us a movie based off his classic old show. I need a reboot of The Batman Beyond cartoon movie. I just think their comics are far superior to Marvel’s and they have far better stories to tell. I wish they just give us The Death Of Superman forreal or Flash Point as a live action or a thriller like Hill House. Give us something.

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