Was I Wrong?

I knew this week was going to be hell. It was only a Tuesday but knowing what I had lingering of me I was already over the week. I was giving my two weeks notice tomorrow at work and was fighting a deadline with a home owner who is being everything but helpful throughout the whole job by changing things every other day. I hate quitting a job and having to give my two weeks notice. I cried the first time I had to do it and it hasn’t gotten any easier for me since.

On top of all that this girl, who I wasn’t technically dating but was wicked serious about, ended things with me out on that Tuesday out of the blue. I met her through a friend of mine and thought she was absolutely incredible from the very first night we met. She only added to the hectic week I already had ahead of me by leaving me alone in the middle of it all.

If we had given that relationship a real chance I think it could have actual blossomed into something. She was an insanely beautiful girl, her smile would make my heart melt. Her beautiful brown eyes would squint like mine would when she laughed and would always lean on me to hide her smile. She’s one of those once in a lifetime kind of girls that I was lucky enough to spend some time with.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between us and only added to one of the toughest weeks of my life. After I quit my job and pulled my permit from he side job, I couldn’t wait for the weekend. All I wanted to do was find any distraction to forget the week I just had. By no means was I going to sit in sulking throwing a miserable party because she didn’t want to hangout with me anymore. I figured I’d buy a bottle of rum and see where the nights take me before I start fresh on Monday.

I got lucky and connected with an old friend that was around to hangout Saturday night. That night was magical. It was friend I’ve known for years and have always desired to share a night with her. Her beauty was far deeper than the surface. I think her personality it was attracted me the most. For a few hours that night I was stress free, lost in a nirvana, simply enjoying the night I had right in front of me. Forgetting about the shitty week I just endured.

Monday hit me harder than a sack of bricks. The hangover from an entire weekend of drinking came at me like a freight train as my alarm clock screeched off the walls waking me up in the morning. I barely was able to get myself out of bed and get to work until I was smacked in the face with reality on my morning commute. The girl I’ve been dreaming about, the one who called it quits with me, less then a week ago, wanted to give me another chance.

Maybe I should have lied and kept it to myself, maybe I felt guilty about putting my friend in that predicament of having to keep a secret between us, but I told the girl that I wanted to be with about the weekend I had with an old friend. Some will say I shouldn’t have said anything, but that isn’t me. I was upfront and honest about it all. I mean it wasn’t like I did anything wrong, she left me. I wasn’t going to spend my Saturday night wasting a day crying over someone who didn’t want to be with me.

I get why you say it was wrong or that I moved on to quick but it’s not true. I got lucky like I said, the timing worked out perfectly with a friend, it has no indication of my feelings towards her or how I felt about her. I wanted to be with her but she left me. I was just making the most of my days before they run out. Maybe having a sleepover wasn’t the best decision I could make but it doesn’t change a thing about how I felt about her. Needless to say things didn’t work out between us. Which is a shame, I think we had something special. Maybe having a sleepover wasn’t the I guess we’ll never know.

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