My Friends Are Starting To Get Married

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends putting rings on the love of their life. Although I may have taken a different path than most of them have walked and may have drifted away from them, they will forever hold a place in my heart. I was there, standing right behind my friends, when most of their relationships first originated. We would always go out together looking for the one that is meant for us, the one that completes us, and my friends, found it. They found exactly what they were looking for.

I’d be lucky if I was invited to their weddings but it would never upset me if I wasn’t. Truthfully just seeing my friends glowing like they do now, madly and completely in love, simply gives me hope. I have friends that have been in some the most honest and most respectable relationships I’ve ever know. I’ve also had friends that were so toxic cheating and lying their way through their relationships I had to cut them out. It doesn’t bring me joy seeing those relationships fail. What brings me the most happiness is knowing that some of my friends actually found something real. Something worth it.

Seeing their dreams of buying a house or having a kid or getting married, fulfilled like they’ve always wanted, is what matters most to me. It’s the same type of love I dream about. I may not have it all together like they do, but they show me that loves out there. There’s something real out there for all of us and they’ve proved it. Some of my friends getting married, have had their hearts broken more than I have and still haven’t given up. They’ve found everything they were looking for in their best friend and now the one they get to watch walk down the aisle to them to say, “I do.”

One day I hope to find what they all have. They’ve shown me that anythings possible. From high school sweethearts to hopeless romantics they’ve found everything that they’ve been searching for. I know one day I’ll find my way with my best friend along my side, just like they have. Until that day comes, I’ll be searching high and low, one day at a time searching for the one for me. My friends have shown that it’s possible.

Ps To all my friends, I’m so happy for you. You all deserve the world and in all honesty, it seems like you found it.

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