Monday’s Are My Sunday’s

Monday’s suck. They’re undisputedly everyones least favorite day of the week as well as the most dreadful day. No ones excited to go back to work on a Monday. Even less now with football starting back up on the weekends. Monday hits harder than a sack of bricks and wakes you up with a pounding headache making you hate the world.

I tend to spend my time on the weekends drinking far more than I should. It typically starts as soon as I get home from work on Friday with a shower beer and doesn’t end until Sunday night when I finish my last beer in my bathroom before passing out in bed. The only reason I drink on Sunday’s is because it’s the best hang over cure I’ve found, it’s perfect. The head ache almost instantly subsides and you’re already halfway drunk, picking up where you left off last night after the first beer.

Man does that alarm clock suck waking you in the morning. I haven’t made my lunch on a Monday in I don’t know how long now. I stay in bed till the very last second before I have to leave, cringing at the thought of having to leave my bed.

In all honesty I could use a day between Sunday and Monday just to recover from my weekend. Or at least just allow a late start nation wide on Monday’s to compensate for football Sunday’s. Although if I had an extra day I’d probably wind up spending it drinking just as I would on Sunday. I’m not sure how much I’d benefit from an extra day. I’d probably suffer from it more than anything. Just give me the late start on Monday and I’ll be fine.

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