Some Nightmares Feel Real

I have always thought girls were crazy. I mean know better than to say that to any of their faces, but I know crazy. It takes one to know one you know, and as much as I claim to be sane, history proves tells otherwise. I always thought it was crazy that a girl could wake up from a dream and start World War III over something I did in their dreams. I mean yeah maybe if we don’t go to the restaurant I want I would there sit in silence for the tenure meal miserably but that’s not nearly as bad as waking up and having to fight for your life.

I just didn’t believe the whole nightmare thing until it happened to me. Seeing is believe and after seeing it for the first time I believe it. Some nightmares can feel so tangible that we feel them in our hearts and wake up hating the world. I woke up that morning from a nightmare that felt like a day in my life. My two hour sleep was full of this roller coaster of emotions that I could feel. Some that woke me up in tears of misery and resentment.

It was in that moment I complete understood every girl that has yelled at me first thing in the morning. Hell even the ones that have woke me up by yelling at me…listen I get it now. I woke up that morning from that nightmare and had to sleep on the couch to keep myself from freaking out.

I think this may be crazy to admit but they’re right. Girls that is, it’s totally justified to wake up from a nightmare with gun blazing and walls built. I think you need to go through it to completely comprehend what it’s like to go to sleep blissfully and wake up miserably heartbroken.

I guess my message, to guys in particularly, let’s just be a little more understanding. Yeah we may not have done whatever happened in her dream, but she felt it and we’e their lighting rod. Just ride it out until they apologize for yelling at you that way. Shit if you never hear that apology you better be packing bags and find someone that knows the decipher the difference between a dream version of you and the real version of you. I know the fight was unwarranted and after expressing those initial feelings. I apologized because after all it was only a dream.

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