The Secret To Love

Is there’s no secret to love. Love is defined as this intense feeling of deep affection. Love is simple, it’s when you care more about someone else then you do about yourself. We may not love everyone we meet, hell we don’t have to. Of course we may love some more than others and that’s natural, that’s love. You know you found that something special once their love becomes your priority.

Aside form Webster’s, there’s no way to define it. It leaves us lost for words, I mean ask anyone you know and they’ll all say the same thing; “Ahh well when you know you know you know.” It’s like that special kind of love always seems to come around when you least expect it. One minute your wondering who is around to hangout with to canceling all of your plans to be with that person you want to hangout with.

Life seems to have a funny way with timing. All this time you spend growing on your own becoming independent and strong enough to fly on your own, cupid comes around and hits you with his arrow when you’re least expecting it. One moment you’re the center of your whole universe and then in the blink of an eye there’s someone that you care about in a way you’ve never felt.

It’s this love you never anticipated. There you are on a date being yourself unconcerned with their perception of you, sub consciously speaking honestly, building a foundation for a relationship you’ve only dreamt about. You’re talking about things that caused fights before, you’re being yourself without being any judgement, and someones feelings that suddenly dictate your life in all the best ways. This love that climbs to the top of the list, someone who becomes someone that you care more about than you do yourself.

Love is something you constantly have to work for but when you find it are you ever actually working? Or are you just doing what you love? I guess in simplest forms is; you don’t go out being flowers because you guys had this destructive fight the night before. No you come home with flowers because you just wanted to give her another reason to smile. There’s no secret to love. All love is is caring for someone more than you care about yourself.

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