I Hope It Was Only A Nightmare

I had one of my worst nightmares ever the other night. My dream started off uneventful. I was just walking around my neighborhood like nothing was going on. I stopped by a bar for a drink and had a few drinks. I was happy to be in this dream, chilling in a bar has been far better than the other dreams I’ve had like where I was fighting a home invasion or a zombie apocalypse.

This dream felt real. I honestly felt like I was just out on a Friday after work, but then I saw myself in the mirror and got lost in this nightmare. I saw myself in the mirror and noticed my tooth was chipped. This is when it started feeling real. I forgot I was dreaming and damn near gave myself a panic attack.

I found myself fighting back tears in the bathroom freaking out about my chipped tooth. I don’t know any doctors down here, I wouldn’t even know how to start the process of looking for a dentist. Can you like just walk into a dentist office and ask them to fix your tooth? Is that how it works? I was stressing myself out trying to figure out how to fix my tooth.

Abruptly my alarm woke me up and I had to run to the bathroom to check and see if my tooth was chipped. Waking up in my bed wasn’t a sure enough tell that it was only just a nightmare, I had to see for myself. This dream messed me up so bad I had to talk about it.

So I brought it up to my spirit guide and apparently a chipped tooth in our dreams is actually symbolic. She was informing me that; depending on whether your tooth is already chipped, or if you chip your tooth, or if you’re fixing a chipped tooth in a dream can all represent different things.

In my case I noticed I had a chipped tooth which means; that my form, both physically and mentally are strong, but I’ve recently picked up some bad habits. These bad habits can break down both our mental and physical health. Which I could totally understand, I definitely have picked up some bad habits and in the past two months I’ve had more pimples than I did during puberty. So yeah that makes sense.

But then they ended their whole article saying that it could also just be deja vu. Which would completely contradict everything they were just writing about. Either way I’m freaked out. I’m bringing a mouth guard with me to work and wearing it every time I have to use a drill. I’ve already chipped it four times and down here I have no way of fixing it.

I just hope this dream doesn’t come true.

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