Just Don’t Miss

I must admit, I love to get down. I’m ready to go at any time of the day. It never matters where we are, I’m always craving it. As soon as I wake up in the morning until I fall asleep at night it’s on the forefront of my mind. Anyway I can get it, I’ll take it. I don’t mind if we take things slow, or if she wants to take charge, let just go get tangled in the sheets.

The other night I got lucky. It had been awhile since the last time I got frisky and to say I was eager to get down again would be an understatement. The way I couldn’t stop smiling in between our kisses and the chills she sent down my spine, you would have thought this was my first time ever fornicating. Her and I got our hands on each other and never looked back.

She was kissing me, I was kissing her then all of a sudden she was on top of me and I found myself lost in her euphoria. I was completely infatuated with. My adrenaline was racing through my veins, her love was intoxicating me, just rubbing her body and holding her tightly wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more. I needed more. All my rationale went out of my head and I went for it, I slapped her ass, being so caught up in the moment we had.

It wasn’t one of those “good game” kind of slaps people give each other, it was a real slap. I mean I wound up, I cocked my arm back, and slapped her ass. I didn’t think twice about it. I had no idea how hard I was swinging. I just swung it forward. I got lost in the moment, I was engulfed with the rush of what we were doing and just went for it again. She didn’t seem upset, or annoyed, or turned off in any way by it.

Naturally I took it as a green light to proceed and do it again. This time I wound up slightly further than I before and was ready to sling my arm forward with more velocity than it did before. I didn’t look before I swung my arm, I thought I knew where I was going, so I just slung my hand forward expecting to slap her ass again. Only this time I didn’t slap her ass.

I accidentally wound up directly smacking my right nut. It was the hardest slap I could throw and I missed. It was a real slap, let me tell you, there was no five second delay on this one. As soon as I hit my ball I instantly became sick to my stomach. I was in agonizing pain and honestly thought I was going to puke but I couldn’t let her know what happened. I just slapped myself in the ball, there isn’t much more embarrassing than that.

For the rest of our night together I held her on top of me holding her tightly. While she had her head on my shoulder moaning and sighing having a good time, I was moaning too, just my moans were moans of excruciating pain. I laid there staring at the ceiling fighting back my tears of pain, and periodically checking my ball to make sure it was still there. I hit it so hard, the pain was that bad, I actually thought I popped it. Yeah I came in that hard for a smack that I honestly thought I popped my own ball.

My warning to you the next time you try to smack someone ass, be careful, and make sure you have the right trajectory. Because if you miss it can instantly turn a good time into a bad time.

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