Never Ending Uno

I love Uno. It honestly may be my favorite game to play with a group of people. Yeah beer pong is cool, up and down the river gets everyone loose, but to me Uno is what breaks the ice with everyone. Uno has no sympathy. We’re all at victim to whatever cards we are dealt and play it’s game. Friends become enemies and enemies become our most hated rivals.

Hence why I love it so much, it brings out the competitiveness in everyone. All those draw fours, skips, and reverse cards, there’s no telling who’s going to win the game. But there will be a winner… unless you use those, “make up your own rule cards.” Please don’t ever use those.

We used those wild card Uno cards and all it did was prevent our game from ending. We might as well have been playing Monopoly with our time. We used the cards to create two rules; one said that when you put this card down, “everyone has to pass their hands to the right.” The last one read, “you can switch hands with anyone.”

Two simple, straight forward rules. Those cards were played rather quickly but would always resurface with the same rules. The only way we could change it was if the game ended. It’s because of those two rules that our game never ended. It was the longest card game, board game, or even video game I’ve ever been a part of.

We had six of us so it was easy for us to breeze through all the cards in the deck. Which typically can be a good thing… usually, but now when you have an extra set of custom rules in the game. Just as someone was ready to go out, or someone had one card left, someone would play their unique wild card and completely change the complexity of the game.

We played for almost three hours that night. I have no issue with playing Uno for three hours, especially when I’m winning, but that was the thing. No one was winning. We were all just dragging out our game, refusing to let someone win, and incapable of winning ourselves.

If you’re as much of an Uno fan as I am I advise you to never read the rules and directions on how to actually play. Keep playing the way you know how, it is far more enjoyable than how it was initially created to be played. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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