I can’t believe no one is talking about my dope Spotify playlist. I know I only have a few followers on the app but come on, some of my playlist are just too hot to ignore. I have a weekend playlist, a few dance playlist, a chill playlist, and my favorite one of them all is my chick playlist. That chick playlist of mine is easily the best one I’ve made and probably will ever make. I can’t believe no one is talking about it.

I hand picked every single song on that playlist personally. I’ve spent two months of my life listening to nothing but girl singers and shazamed all the cool songs that got my foot tapping while watching a movie and save them all to the most perfect playlist ever created. It’s four hours of nothing but pure jams.

I only put songs on there that people would want to dance to. Songs that get me dancing. It’s honestly the perfect party playlist, it’s a perfect driving playlist, and it’s the best chick playlist you will ever find out there. Which is why I don’t understand why no one is out there talking about it. I’m not really one to brag but this playlist may be the best thing I have ever done.

I got everyone ranging from Lady Gaga, TLC, Tash Sultana, Alanis Morrisette, and everything in-between. You may not like the first song but you’ll for damn sure like the next one, and then the one after that, and after that. I’ve done far too much talking about it. Just go check it out.

It’s the playlist with all the girls in the red dress dancing. It’s the best girl singing playlist out there. If you have any recommendations please let me know.

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