We were just up together the night before until the sun came up. We slept in so late the next afternoon we almost missed the whole day… fuck. Somehow we woke up from the abyss of her windowless room, which was completely impenetrable from any form of light, just after high noon. It was the longest I’ve ever slept in my life regardless of whenever I’ve got myself to bed.

We figured we’d be productive and take advantage of what was left of our day together before she had to go to work and decided to get brunch before the menus switched over. We went from her house to my house so I could change and grab my wallet, then headed back to her house so she could change, and then finally made it to my bar just in time to catch the brunch menu while it was still a thing.

We sat down at the bar as if they had two seats waiting for us, ordered our food immediately, and did everything we could to refrain ours;eves from eating our hands. We were both beyond the point of starving and were starting to become hangry. As soon as our food came and we took our first bites, both of our hangrys went away and we were silent for a moment while we ate. Once we got some food in our system brunch took a turn. We went from complaining about how hungry we were to being on a real date, talking intimately, staring into each other’s eyes, making fun of each other, making one another laugh, and barely touching the rest of our food. We were just there with each other.

Our food became nonexistent, all we cared about was spending time with one another. Her hand was on my lap and as my hand was resting on her arm tickling her wrist. We spent the rest of our bunch flirting with each other not even giving ourselves a moment to eat. We were waiting for the check before the bartender asked if we were ready for it.

I grabbed the check before we could fight over it. I thought she was opening her mouth to argue with me about paying but instead said something I still hear today, “Can we go back to my place so we can hangout before I have to go into work? I want to hangout with you before I have to go” We both looked at the clock and saw that we had an hour before she had to be at work. I quickly waved down our bartender, closed out our tab, and we raced back to her place to capitalize on the hour we had.

This was when I realized her craziness played well with mine. I have always been overly aggressive with my affection and have only hoped for situations like this to get tangled in the sheets while the sun is still up. She evidently had the same urge I had and I instantly fell deeper into her love right there. That’s what solidified it for me, it was when I realized her crazy plays well with mine.

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