Roommates That Dress Together Stay Together

It’s weird it happens almost every time we go out. Maybe its some sort of brother intuition or something but my brother and I would always meet in the kitchen after changing to go out, and we’d find ourselves wearing the exact same outfits. If I wore a white v- neck he had one on. If I wore a plain black shirt, he had on a plain black shirt.

For example I own one green shirt I decided to wear for the first time ever. It’s like this gross looking olive greenish color, thinking there’s no way anyone in their right mind walk out of their house wearing a shirt that disgusting. So I put it on with complete confidence thinking not only will I not teach my brother but I wouldn’t match with anyone. I get downstairs and saw my brother walk out of his room wearing a green shirt as well. It was the same gross looking olive green I had on.

Fortunately it was the winter time, I didn’t bother changing, i just tossed on a sweatshirt to keep me warm enough to get me to the bar. I figured one of us was going to take our coats off at the bar. And while he did just that, he was smiling proudly flaunting his unique shirt green shirt for everyone to see. He claimed the green when he took off his coat. I was letting him have it. I kept my sweatshirt on so we wouldn’t have to hear anyone come up to us and say, “Hey did you guys plan to match tonight?”

Just the other night it happened again. I came downstairs to switch my laundry grab my belt that I left on the dryer. I don’t know about you but I have a routine when I get dressed to go out. After I dry off from my shower I dress in this order; underwear, socks, pants, belts, shirt, and finally deodorant last so I don’t stain my shirt. Almost all of my black shirts have deodorant stains on the bottom of the shirt. You would’t know I’ve been applying antiperspirant for almost twelve years now.

Anyways, so I when I went downstairs, shirtless to grab my belt, I noticed my brother was wearing the same color jeans as I was with a plain black shirt. The exact outfit I envisioned myself wearing that night. I found my belt downstairs and starting putting it through the loops of my jeans committing to my jeans, I don’t mind wearing the same jeans. So I made a last minute decisions switching from the black shirt I planned on wearing, to a white v-neck with red and black stripes running horizontally, that I haven’t worn in awhile.

When I came downstairs ready to go out, my brother had switched out of his plain black shirt into to a white v-neck that was almost identical to mine, just minus the stripes. It irked the crap out of me. I would have worn my black shirt like I had planned if I knew he was going to switch into a white one.

The last thing I want to do was wear matching outfits with my brother when we went out. I can’t tell you how many times people we planned it or think we’re a couple when we go out together. Hence why I always try to at least wear a different colored shirt than him. The pants are fine, but I hate matching shirts. Like when we both wear flannels out the same night, only one person can rock a flannel. I swear him and I match almost every night.

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