Almost Crossed It Off The Bucket List

It was barely ten at night and we decided to call it quits and head home. We started early that morning drinking fro the games and it was finally catching up to. Neither one of us wanted to drink anymore nor did we need to drink anymore. We were only drinking because it was something to do to keep us awake at the bar. When we finally got back home my brother found his way into his room and sprawled out on his bed. I sat on the couch, cracked another beer to keep myself awake a little longer so I could pull out my phone and reply to all the messages I missed while I was out.

When she texted me back immediately after I had responded to her, I wasted no time asking if she wanted to hangout. We hung out last week and it was unbelievable. She spent the night, we were up all night, tearing up my sheets, and talking learning about each other’s life. We got deep, fell into a few rabbit wholes and at one point she asked me if I have ever been in a threeway and it’s stuck with me since.

I embarrassingly admitted that I haven’t (It’s on my bucket list). I asked her if she had been in one and she was almost as ashamed as I was when she admitted she has but, “It wasn’t fun at all.” My initial thought was the guy must not have known what he was doing, how can he mess it up. I mean I’ve never been that situation before, how would I know, but I hope I’d be at least a little better than that. When she left that night both of us were already wanting to hangout with each other again.

She answered me back that night saying she would love to hangout but said she was with her friend that was visiting for the weekend. I instantly got my hopes up, wished for the best, and thought to myself tonight might be the night. Tonight might be the night I will have my first threeway and I can finally cross it off my bucket list. It was almost like she was foreshadowing it the night she was over, like she had it planned out all this time. I told her it was no problem they were more than welcome to come over. She sent back a, “We’ll be right there.” promptly after my message sent.

I went outside to meet them and guide them to our apartment. As soon as we got in the apartment, my brother could hear two different girls voices and caught a second wind. He sprang from his bed to join us all in the kitchen to hangout. In that very moment he shattered my dream and crushed any chance I had of having my first threeway.

Although I didn’t have a threeway that night, I still had an amazing night. I’m still determined to mess around and find myself in one at some point. I have nothing to complain about though. I got to spend the night with one of the funnest girls, most attractive, and softest lipped girl I know. I was dying to see her again and I’m happy I got too. Ever since that first night, I’ve been dying to see her again and needed another night with her desperately. Turns out one night, two nights, they haven’t seemed to be enough. I sure hope that I get to see her again. We haven’t spent enough time together yet, and if her friend’s in town, I’ll make sure it’s a night when my brothers out of town.

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