I Used To Be The iPod Dancer

I used to have it made. I used to be the king of these streets back in the day. There once was a day when I was on every billboard, every other tv commercial, and in every magazine across the entire world. I was impossible to ignore four years and if you don’t believe me fine, but I promise you I was everywhere. It’s just a shame that I never signed such a contract. Now I have nothing to show for it… literally nothing.

Remember back when the iPod first came out and their advertisements were everywhere. They had these commercials that I fortunately was a part of from the inception of the iPod. And as you know they took off. I had a friend who’s dad was working with Apple to Market their new product in an innovative way while on a budget. Together his dad and his colleagues brought their brains together and created the most cost efficient ad they could come up with for their newly announced iPod. Since I happened to be the beneficiary of being his best friend and he hooked me up with not just an iPod before it hit the market, but he also gave me the best job I ever had.

I remember that night I plugged those headphones into my ears, shuffled the playlist he had on and instantly started dancing. My hands were clapping, my toes were tapping, and I was moving completely engulfed in the music. The music blasting through the headphones had me grooving like I was alone in the shower and no one was watching. It very well could have been the alcohol or maybe it was the fact that I had something playing music between my ears that wouldn’t skip when I jumped to the rhythm and moved to beat. I was feeling it that night dancing the night away.

I started sweating, getting into it, and started letting loose more so than I ever had before. There was something about having an unlimited source of music at my disposal, skip free, filled with all of my favorites, blasting in your ears at your convenience, in the palm of my hands baffled me. My friend spent the entire night filming me for shits and giggles for his dad “pitch.” All night my friend sat back recording me dancing to every song that came on, which wasn’t hard; this iPod was filled with nothing but jams, and mashed it all together into a commercial.

I had no idea what the ad was about or what he envisioned, but all he wanted me to was dance. That was easy for me. We were just having fun making videos, I didn’t think anything of it nor did it matter to me, I was a little buzzed and was just looking for something to do. One of my favorite things is to dance and I was able to do it all night long.

When I woke up the next day to watch football the ad he made last night was already everywhere, I was everywhere… everywhere. Of course, if you’ve seen the ad, there’s no proof that it was me. We didn’t have a contract, no exchanging of cash, it was just two friends having fun on a Saturday night. That silhouette they had dancing with the headphones and the iPod on tv and in the magazines… that was me. You would never know it, how could you ever know it? I mean why would you even believe it, it could be anyone, why would you believe it when I say it it was me?

I guess that’s why I’m stuck here living in an apartment that I can barely afford envying everything I almost had. I was Mr. WorldWide well before Pitbull ever surfaced. I was the guy behind the shadow of every single one of those commercials and have nothing to show for it. Marcus Durpree and me, are the two greatest things that have never been… I mean you’ve all seen my dance moves. YouTube Me. I’m a professional.

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