My Uber Driver

I don’t own a car and I’ve been fortunate I haven’t had the need to buy one yet. I can either walk to work everyday, get picked up from the kid that lives down the street from me, or I can pay for a five dollar Uber ride to take me there. During the weekend there’s no reason use of a car for me. I spend most of my time drinking like a cow and smoking like a chimney I should never be behind the wheel.

This Sunday was no different than any other. I drank way too much on Saturday and told myself I was never drinking again. I’m not sure if it was because my hands were shaking from being deprived alcohol for ten hours or if it was because I was so bored and had nothing else to do but very quickly I went back on my words and made myself an afternoon mixie to feel better.

A friend I have been hanging out with had just got back into town and wanted to see me just as much as I wanted to see her. She invited me over that Sunday night and I jumped at the opportunity to see her. We didn’t hangout a lot, hell neither of us really knew much about each other, but every weekend it seemed like one of us was calling the other to hangout. So I called an Uber, smoked a bowl, brushed my teeth, and headed to her house.

Normally I try to make conversation with my Uber drivers since everyone down here knows the city better than I do. They all have been able to teach me something new about the city that I may never have found out on my own. Sadly I tend to forget their names. I’m horrible with names, but I only remembered this guys name because he texted it to me. He was talking to me about music and pop culture and we seemed to have clicked on every level sharing the same interest. He took down my number on his personal phone and sent me a message with his name, “Juan Uber Professional”, as I was heading into her apartment.

Right before I got into her room I checked my phone once more before turning it off and I had a text from Juan again, this time asking me if I do Molly. We talked about drinking and smoking weed in the car but it was nothing any more serious than that. Maybe it’s my man bun or maybe it was my vibe that gave him the impression that I’m a Molly kind of guy but I’m not. I haven’t yet tried yet and my Uber driver isn’t really the first person I’d want to do them with. So I ignored his text and proceeded to enjoy the night with my friend.

Almsot twenty four hours later Juan texts me again. He says, “Hey man I hope it went well with that girl, don’t get me wrong I don’t need that stuff at all it’s just fun.” Was he trying to justify his hankering for Molly to me. I could give two shits which drugs he uses recreationally, we all use something. I just can’t figure out his game. Is he buying or selling that stuff or looking for someone to do it with.

I never answered him. I didn’t care for Molly nor did I want to do it with him. Nothing against him like I said he seemed like a cool guy and all I just don’t think he’s someone I’d hangout with. I don’t need a Molly guy. The hardest pill to swallow about this whole thing is I found a guy that wants to do with Molly with me. My brother luckily found a girl that wants to do Molly with him. If I met a girl that wanted to do it with me, I’d probably be more prone to doing it.

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