The Man At The Bar

There was this guy who used to spend his nights at the bar. He didn’t know anyone, he wasn’t ominous, he was just confident. A thing that seems to be equally appealing as it is imitating these days. You question what kind of insanity it takes to sit at a bar alone but at the same time, you want to hear his story, intrigued that someone could sit at a bar alone.

Either perception you had of him was right. He was this crazy man on the run, pushing the limits of the world just to see where they draw the line. He was this man who had a life, found love, and had more stories to tell then he had time. He was a man that when you looked into his eyes, you could see he was a real man.

His eyes were too poised to show you all of his fear. His heart was filled with too much love he never let it out so it would never be wasted again. He was a man that knew what he wanted and knew how to get by until he finally found it. In his search for love, he may not have always made the right decisions, maybe he’s the villain in more than one person’s story, but it’s never stopped his pursuit for happiness. 

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