Where My Dominos At?

I’ve never seen a block of gold in my life. I have no idea what the gold standard is or what it even means. I mean of course I’ve heard of gold but it just doesn’t seem real to me. The only gold I have ever known is from Austin Powers. Otherwise gold is just one of the many colors that comes in the Crayola sixty four pack.

I couldn’t even tell you how much a dollar cost. All I know about the dollar is that there are some places on this earth where you can get more for your dollar and other places where it takes you two dollars to get one. But there are those places where you can take a hundred dollar bill and live like a King.

One thing I know is that a thousand miles from here my dollar was worth more. I’ve never actually done the math to figure out what the difference in cost of living was, I just know that when I ordered Dominos it only cost me twenty six forty eight. Now I order the exact same thing around here; it cost me forty five sixty.

The only measurement I have to know how much my dollar cost is Dominos. How much is the Dominos near you for two large bacon pizza and some garlic bread? All I’m saying is you can find me living next door to whatever Dominos stretch my dollar. The place where I can live like a king.

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