Life Is Simple

Our social life is pretty simple. It started back in sixth grade when we got our first cell phones. Flip phones or not our hangouts became more than just riding our bikes around town, jaywalking the streets, and stealing those 25 cent laffy taffy’s from 7/11. Those were childish days, we graduated from those days. The cell phones were our segway to leave our own zip code and branch out to the rest of the world. That was of course, as long as we could call another mother to pick us up when we’re done and back before dinner.

When you’re a kid and you’re finally able to roam free without any adult supervision you feel invincible. There isn’t any other place in the world to be a disobedient youth than the mall. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of summer, the mall always has their ac cranking to keep us cool. It’s the same place we would get dropped off in the winter time just so we could be warm and all be together out of the house. We’d run into all of our friends doing the same thing, messing with the old guys that are there as much as we are.

I remember it was as quickly as our summer vacation turned into us getting ready for seventh grade that year. Those mall rat days came and gone. In the blink of an eye we became too old and too cool to be hanging out at the mall anymore. We were on the break of losing our ignorance and opening our lives to what life truly is.

It’s not till our last days does our social life come full circle. Just as when we’re first born shitting in diapers because we don’t know how to control our bowel movements we end our life the same way… shitting our pants just as we started just someone new changing our diapers.

There we are calling our friends on the same old phones we grew up with calling to meet up at the mall. Then we call our rides to make sure they can drop us off and pick us when we’re done. So there we are the same crew hanging out at the mall but instead of reeking havoc like we used to we’ve become those old guys we used to point fun of. That’s when it clicks, in the blink of our eyes; that’s the circle of life.

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