Do Action Movies Work?

As a guy it’s only fair to admit that most of the things we do are in hopes of being able to get intimate with someone we connect with. It’s the only reason why any of us go to bars, it’s the only reason why we dance like idiots at the clubs, and precisely why we do all of the nice things we do for others. We just crave that physical kind of love language. 

There’s a million ways to set the tone and create an intimate vibe that would let one thing lead to another but to say is the best move is impossible. There’s more variables that go into a good time than just both parties saying yes. You have to create a vibe where they say yes before you can even ask. Sometimes it takes more than a nice dinners, or some fancy freshly picked flowers, or a new movie that just came out on Netflix to get into someone’s pants. There’s this art to be alluring and promiscuous that some people can just do unknowingly and find themselves accidentally between someone’s legs. I have never been one of the guys. I’ve found myself more in the category of putting on a High School Musical and hoping for the best. I don’t know anything, all I know is what movies work and which movies don’t.

One thing I do know is that the sounds of a romance movie are far more romantic and even seductive than those of a stand up show or some action packed drama. During a romantic movie all you have to do is follow along to the moves of the guy winning over the girl’s heart. When he grabs her hand you garb hers. When they kiss you go for it with the sounds of Noah calling for Allie in the background creating the ambiance. It’s like you’re not sure if it’s you making these movies or if it’s from the direction of Nicholas Sparks that are igniting the fires of the night. That’s at least if you can agree on a Nicholas Sparks movie to watch.

I’m only writing to advocate everyone to watch the cliche romance movie. Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made and play anything else, especially a stand up show. There’s nothing more emasculating to us males than when things begin to get all hot and spicy and we hear a laugh stop all momentum. I don’t care if it’s a laugh that comes from the movie in the background or if it’s something funny Kevin Hart said, or a joke you have been thinking about all day long. Hearing a giggle coming from a girl who has me completely vulnerable will always end the night.

All I’m saying you have to pick the right movie to watch because it can make or break the entire night. What you may have put on as background music damn near may be something they actually want to watch and keep on watching. You go from one moment thinking you’re going to have that intimate connection to finding out that Mona is actually A from Pretty Little Liars

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