It Happened

Just as my dream depicted a few months ago, it happened. My tooth has seen better days and has finally chipped off. It was nothing like my dream. In all honesty I would have rather it have chipped the way it did in my dreams. It was more mainly to admit my tooth got chipped by my drill at work or playing hockey. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

There’s no cool story about how it happened. Someone’s knee hit my face and that was enough to knock it loose. Ten minutes later when I went to eat my pancakes I noticed they had a little bit more of a crunch. My tooth fell off like a dying fall leaf from the tree.

There I was sitting there with a plate full of pancakes and half of my tooth in my hand at nine o’clock at night completely flabbergasted. After all this time I was on my parents insurance, getting hit in the face, or even falling on my face, and I had no issue. It’s only right that as soon as I went on my own, before I even had the chance to get my own dental insurance, my tooth chips like one of those car warranties that are made to end the week before your car starts to fall apart.

I had work the next day. I was going to be out in public all day long and looking like Lloyd Christmas. The only way I was planning on getting through the next day was without smiling at all. Which I figured wasn’t going to be that hard to do since I’m the funny guy at work, I mean who else was going to make everyone laugh?

Current Update: It took three seconds for everyone at work to notice the chip in my tooth. The guys I typically work with waited no time making fun of me and giving me all of these new nicknames before they started to be concerned with what happened. Other people who I’m not as close with also noticed it just as quickly but instead of mentioning it they would just stare at it. Turns out the little chip I thought I was going to be able to hide became this impossible task. Evidently it can be seen from even feet away.

Deja Vu

I predicted this would happen.

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