Sims Is Back

I’m not a video game guy. I never have been one and most likely will spend the rest of my life not being one… unless we’re talking about Wii Sports. It’s the only game/ workout I do. The only thing I know about video games is all the jokes these girls make about their man playing them. As far as I can tell it seems as though some of these guys care more about their video games missions rather than their girlfriend’s feelings.

I mean I’m not complaining about their lack of interest or attention, they’ve been neglecting their girls, it has fortunately worked out for me in the past but that’s besides the fact. I just never understood how some animated, fictional story could be more riveting than someone’s spouse. That was until I dated a girl who loves SIMS.

Truthfully I had no idea this game still existed. Apparently it’s the first update they’ve had in years and it’s been blowing up. I don’t completely understand the game but it has this whole cult behind it. It’s only been seventy two hours since the upgrade came out and I’ve yet to have a conversation with my girlfriend.

I now know what it feels like to be all those girls who are neglected or put on the back burner by their boyfriend when whatever new game comes out. There I was sitting next to her on the couch, completely invisible as her eyes were glued onto her phone while I recited the entire High School Musical movie without missing a line. For three days the only time we shared was in bed and even then we spent it sleeping.

There she was, living the life she has always dreamt about without me inside her phone. She had the house with the white picket fence. She could decorate it however she wanted because money was no issue. She even had this little love affair going on with her character and whoever this other guy she created was… this man of her dreams. She had all of her dreams in the palm of her hands as I sat there next to her living mine.

I guess at least she’s doing well in her game.

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