When You Know You Know

We were doomed from the beginning. I was packing my bags, heading home, and leaving the state. She had her bags packed before she left her last date. Neither of us were ready for anything real. Without even looking for it we stumbled across a flower blooming in a dark room and we trusted it.

From the start we found this spark that instantly lit a fire that kept on burning. One date one night all of a sudden turned into two. Then the second turned into a third and before either of us even realized it we we weren’t spending any nights away without each other by our side. Our love was this drug that we both become addicted to.

As all good drugs take you to this new euphoric high they also can bring you down to a dark new rock bottom you may have never known. Our high wore off, our flame burnt out, and she went right as I went left with my bags packed. The rose that we once found blossoming was now brittle and lost it color when our paths separated.

After spending everyday together for as long as we did, those couple months we had to spend apart felt like an eternity. We only talked to keep in touch. There was thousand of miles between us and a whole city there to help the both of us move forward and grow. Just like we started off, we didn’t need each other. We just wanted each other.

The distance between us and all that time away didn’t do anything to push us apart. All those miles and all those minutes that gone by us, only helped to solidify that feeling we knew we found on our first date. We had no business spending time together but look at where we are now.

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