How Have You Cut Cost?

Does anyone actually save money? I feel like that is all I hear; “I hope you’re saving your money” or “How much money have you been saving?” “I’m saving for this boat” or house or whatever. We’re all saving, but has anyone actually saved enough?

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like if I sneeze in public I’ll owe someone money. I’e become that cheap asshole who currently has one tissue in my tissue box. Why do I know I have one tissue left you may ask and great question! I put it back in the box a month ago and have been using toilet paper ever since. I figured why spend my money on tissues when I have TP. I also haven’t had any friends or guest over recently, hence why I’ve been able to keep the one tissue for so long.

I pay myself with every paycheck I get with the intention of “saving it” we time but in reality I find myself transferring it all back out of my savings l just to pay all my bills. I’ve gone back to those Easy Mac/ Ramen dinners like I had when I first moved out and it has made that much of a difference financially. By just doing that I saved damn near two hundred dollars on groceries. I’ll finally be able to use all that extra money to go to Costco and buy some tissues in bulk. Apparently is the better way to buy.

Saving money is impossible, is anyone good at it?

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