Me V.S. Me

This is the year of checking off our goals. We’ve all had plenty of time “having fun” with life. We’ve had our chances to travel. We’ve had our moments living in a land far far away. We’ve had our hearts stolen, falling completely in love before, only to have our hearts broken in the end. We have been through this game of life and although we may still be kids at heart, we have matured, and it’s time to grow up.

We’ve seen enough in our lives to know exactly what it is we desperately desire. We all know exactly how to build the home we’ve always dreamt about. The happy life we’ve always envisioned is right there, now more than ever, for our taking. It’s no longer you vs the world. Now is the time of you vs you.

If you want to live that luxurious life like they do in the movies then go after it and get it. No one is going to give it to you nor will anyone be willing to help you until you make a name for yourself. If you want to have that family waiting for you at your house, a house that you call home, then go find that someone to love. Go find someone that gives you a why to all of the things you do in your life.

We are past the point of playing all those childish games (excluding Yahtzee, Jenga, and Uno of course.) It doesn’t matter who has their two cents to throw at us or how much slower or faster someone else may be making their dreams a reality than us. It’s about us. Nothing comes overnight. It’ll only come to us if we give it our all and chase our dreams and never settle for less.

2023 is our year. Opportunity has been knocking on the door, our dreams are calling off the hook waiting for us to answer, and all we have to do is let them in. Our passion is what drives us, our happiness is what defines us, and we’ll make our dreams a reality. This is our year.

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