Deja Vu

I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve had Deja Vu. I recognize something in the real world that has happened or was there in my dream countlessly. Just the other day when I was walking through the basement of this new job we started, it had this same eerie feeling I had in a nightmare. It was the exact same sketchy basement that shook me awake from a nightmare about a week ago.

Which is why my latest nightmare is kind of alarming. I was in a lucid dream, working in the basement of my house, relaxing the only way I know how. (Yeah I’m that kind of nerd that dreams about work) Everything was perfect, I was blasting music, working diligently, and feeling a sense of satisfaction as I was nearing the end of the job.

It felt like a perfect dream. A dream I couldn’t wait to transfer to the real world. Hell I would love for this project to be done in my basement. Unfortunately in my dreams things were going far too well and we know things never go well for me. Almost simultaneously as I started listening to the little voice inside me saying that, the drill I was using to get through the stud, locked up, kicked back and smacked me square in the face with twenty volts of Milwaukee power.

After tasting some blood and holding my face in agony for a few minutes I was able to shake myself back to life. The blood had slowed down but kept on leaking slowly. It was too much for me to ignore and keep on working so I had to race to the bathroom to clean my face and wash out my mouth.

Then the nightmare officially started. After cleaning my wounds, when I pulled my head up from the sink, I saw a face in the mirror I haven’t seen in fourteen years. It was still me of course, just like it was back then,my front tooth was chipped in half.

The tooth I chipped way back when playing dodgeball has finally broke again. After all those years of sports, fights, and smashing my face with the drill before has never chipped my tooth. Of course now, when I no longer have dental insurance, I have this horrific nightmare. For the first time in fourteen years I saw my tooth chip again.

This is a dream I can only hope never becomes a reality. I know It seems like I’m always asking for a lot, saying, “I’ve been dreaming of this or that all my life” but I’ll rescind all of those dreams just as long as this dream never happens in real life. I don’t want this to ever be a Deja Vu.

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