Guess What Troy Drank?

My least favorite game to play is; Check your bank account Sunday’s. I may have mentioned this before but I’m only good for about forty hours a week. Once work is done I’m officially through with work. I won’t even answer the phone unless it’s my family calling. After I collect the paycheck on Friday for donating my time to a company for the week, I go out there and enjoy every bit of it.

How I spend each weekend is an enigma. I never make any plans so there are some weekends I stay home and actually save all that money they give me for work. Frankly, that never happens. I’m lucky if I save enough money to buy groceries for myself come Sunday afternoon. Hence the name of the game I loathe the most. I continuously dig myself into a whole each weekend spending my entire paycheck never seeming to get ahead. I guess that’s why I’m stuck working so much.

Which happens to be the perfect Segway to my coworkers favorite game; What did Troy drink this weekend? I don’t believe them but according to the guys, I tend to reek of whatever alcohol I spent the weekend drinking each and every Monday. I stroll into work late on those mornings anticipating their heckling. I would always hear them yelling before I would ever see them; “Hear we go guys clear your nose, he’s coming this way.”

Some weekends it’s Vodka, more often than not it’s beer that I’ll smell like. But if I’m feeling a little freaky on the weekend it can even be tequila they smell in the morning. Regardless of what it is I drink, the odds are based on how happy I am when I leave work that Friday. Sometimes they know it’s going to be a beer weekend. They’re never prepared for those tequila weekends and truthfully neither am I.

So if there is anyone else that wants to enjoy making fun of this life I live by all means reach out to my boss. I think this weekend is plus one fifty for vodka Redbulls, minus fifty for whiskey, and plus three hundred for tequila any which way. Reach out to the boys from work if you’re interested.

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