I Miss Gary

Down in Charlotte I was tormented by this fly that lived in my apartment with me. I’m not sure how he found his way into my windowless place but every day, as soon as I would open my eyes in the morning, up until I would go to sleep and forget they were there harassing me. If I was cooking he was all up in my sauce landing on my cutting board every five minutes. If I was sitting there watching T.V. There he was sitting on the couch next to me laughing along to New Girl with me.

Moving back home meant that I had to finally say goodbye to my new unwanted best friend Gary. It was bittersweet leaving him honestly. I was starting to grow fond of the little guy, the way he annoyed me made me kind of love him, but when it’s time it’s time right. I packed my bags and settled into my new place back home, a thousand miles from Gary, looking for a fresh start. I had no idea Gary had friends in such high places.

I left my new front door open for, I shit you not, seventeen seconds while I raced to my car to grab the last of the groceries I had. Evidently Gary made a call to some of his buddies up north and gave them my new address. Not only did I fill my fridge with all my essential vegetables and non-perishable food items that day, it also became the new home to Gary’s buddy… Edward.

Gary passed his torch to his buddy Eddie from Southie and there I was living in my new apartment just as I was, only with a new friend this time.. Instead of cooking or watching T.V. with Gary, I was kicking it in my new home with my new best friend Eddy. (I’m not sure how he spells his name yet.) A friend that I’ve felt like I’ve known for years now.

I hope Gary’s still thriving down there. I miss him honestly. I hope that he has found a new friend down there he can bother for a while. That guy has been flirting with death for years now slumming it in human apartments and all. I’m just glad he sent Ed to harass me the same way he did. It makes my home feel that much more at home knowing there is a little touch of Gary still there. There’s no way Gary knew we would hit it off like this. Edgar is my new best friend. If anyone wants to come over and meet Eduardo just bring a pound of American cheese. He doesn’t love it as much as I do but hell’’l have a slice or two for sure.

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