You Know What They Say

They say love is something you just know when you find it. Ask anyone who’s found it and they’ll be the first to tell you, “I guess when you know you just know.” Love acts without our consent. One moment we’re out looking for someone to waste our night with and then all of a sudden you’ve found someone that you want to wake up next to each and every morning.

It’s like life knows exactly when you’re supposed to cross paths with someone. A time in your life where when you meet, everything starts to make sense. It’s like all those days that have held you back have only shot you forward stronger and further, shaping you into a man that stands strongly. Strong enough to catch the attention of the right girl. The girl of your dreams.

Next thing you know you’re canceling plans with your friends just to see her for a second. It’s like a day together is never enough. Not until you’re able end it with her in your arms every night. It was something you were’t ready for it, something you were in no way were you looking for it, but life handed you the golden ticket and flipped your world upside down you have to just run with it.

All of a sudden you know what they meant when they said, “I guess when you know you know.” There I was hoping to get lost in every second we shared together refusing to let our moments end. We created these inside jokes, stayed up all night talking for hours, until we were ready to curl up next to one in other in our bed.

It wasn’t anything either of us have planned. It wasn’t anything I was looking for but I found it and it has become everything I could ever ask for. She stole my heart and I’m lucky she’s my their. She’s someone that, for the first time, I’ve wanted to wake up next to each morning.

I think that’s it. I think that’s when you know you’ve found it… you just know. I don’t think any one truly ready for it. It seems to always happen when we least expect it, when we’re not even looking for it. From everyone I’ve talked to that’s found love all say the same thing, “it’s like this thing just seemed to happened to us”. One moment we’re living life like a gigolo, then the next moment we’re living Romeo, willing to do whatever it takes to make it work with that special someone.

That’s love. That’s what finding something real is. In no sense is that setting down. That is that love in it’s purest form, love at first sight. It’s that when you know you know, kind of shit. Sometimes that stuff is out of our control. That stuff just seems to happened, at the times we least expect it, but when it does, everything starts to make sense

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