What Makes You Happy?

There’s no rules to any of this. There’s no boxes to check off or any time frame on how long it takes us to get things done. All we have are the smiles we create. It’s all about making the most of our days, enjoying them as they come, before they inevitably come to an end. All we’re supposed to be is happy, but what is happiness?

Is it a job that pays the bills? Is it having someone waiting for you when you get home? Is it about having a house to live in, a nice car to show off, or a family you can call your own? Who’s to say that’s what it’s all about? Who says we’re supposed to have our fun and then settle down when we’re done and buy a house to start a family?

What if there are other ways to be happy? What if all we want to do is live a life we can hang our hats on? What if our happiness wasn’t measured by the number in our bank account but by the amount of smiles we have in our lives? Who would be the happiest people then?

There’s no right or wrong way to any of this. It’ all subjective. There’s a million different ways to make a living in this world. As long as we are paying our bills it really doesn’t matter how we live our lives. Aside from that nothing else really matters. All that matters is that we end each of our days happy with the bed we’ve made.

For some maybe it’s having a bigger house than your neighbors. Others want that fancy FU car while there are some people that would rather be careless sleeping in their parents basement while they save their money to travel and explore the world for everything it has to offer. Who’s to say there’s a right way to do any of this?

All we’re supposed to do is to enjoy our days as they come, until our time inevitably comes.

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