Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Growing up I always thought my house was haunted. I was scared to be home alone, I was scared to shut all the lights off in the room, like I wouldn’t even watch anything scary in my house. I felt like if I gave them any sort of chance or darkness they would surface.

I believe in ghosts and truthfully they scare the shit out of me. Fortunately I haven’t ever seen one with my own eyes but I have seen their work and felt their presence before and that’s all I want to deal with. This shouldn’t be any new information to you,… Ghosts are real. Being back home now, a little bit more mature, hasn’t changed a thing. I’m still terrified of my house.

I’m not sure what it is that has kept them here so long but they’re definitely still here. I came back here and immediately started waking up at three thirty in the morning everyday to what I can only assume is a ghost hovering over me just staring at me. I wake up each morning to the feelings of their presence filling the room. I know they’re out there creeping on me but I just can’t see them.

Which is exactly why I hate being home alone. Hell I even hate being the last one to go to bed. The worst part about my days are when I have to shut all the lights off in the house before I go to bed. As soon as I hit the switches off, I take off in a dead sprint to the front of the house, up the stairs to my room, and into my bed before any of the ghosts has a chance to find me.

I’m twenty six years old and I’m terrified of ghosts. For the guys out there; I’m not a pussy. Ghosts are real, you’re just lucky you haven’t seen them yet. For the girls out there; I can be that guy that kills all the spiders and bugs that come in the house. I just need a girl that is willing to shut the lights off for me each night. Or at least someone that makes enough they’re not worried about paying their electrical bill and keeps the lights on at night. By all means I’m cool with just closing the door. It gives me a little of a night light to help me sleep.

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