It Makes No Sense

Us humans have technically been here for almost five million years ago. The first homo sapiens however weren’t walking this earth until about two hundred thousand yeas ago. North America itself has only been home to humans for close to twenty thousand years. All I’m stating is that, as a whole, we’ve been breathing the air out of this planet for centuries.

We’ve been here that long right, but yet here we are, whatever amount of years later, still dealing with things like allergies. Isn’t that weird? It’s just baffling to me that after years of evolution and natural selection, and people reproducing new babies stronger than they the generation before, and we’re still out here struggling with allergies. It’s just perplexing.

Here we are with people going about our lives and some of us are still allergic to peanut butter. Something we’ve been eating for damn near four thousand years. Strawberries, pollen, cats, dogs, fucking grass we’re allergic to everything… Us humans are still carrying around epipens just in case someone touched a wrong plant before we made contact with them. All these things that have been around with us for thousands of years, breathing the same air as us, evidently is our kryptonite.

As for me, I’m not allergic to any of that. My parents blessed me with some superior genes. My body has been damn near impenetrable against all foods, animals, and plants. Well most that is, except for one… that Mary Jane. I have never been tested for it, I’m not sure how one would get tested for it, but I don’t think a scratch test would do it. Just trust me when I say I’m allergic to it.

Each time I smoke I sneeze ridiculously. I blow my nose more times and grosser than someone who just sorting a line of pollen while being allergic to pollen would do. My eyes get watery, my skin gets blotchy red, and my face was hotter than a stove top. There’s no doubt that I’m allergic to the weed. I’m just fortunate that that’s the only thing I’m allergic to. I guess for me it’s a little ironically unfortunate that smoking the weed is the only thing I’m allergic to.

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