First To Last

Things aren’t how they used to be. I used to be the first person she would show anything to. If she wasn’t sure about what outfit she wanted to wear she would send them all to me asking for MY opinion on which one looked best. She gave me the exclusive first look. Every time she took a cute picture of herself or when the lighting hit her just right, I got all those pictures sent to me over text before she put them on Snapchat, or Instagram, for everyone else to see. I was always first.

I thought I would always be the first. The first one she wanted to tell a story to, the first person she wanted to see when she had a second to herself, and the first person she wanted to see each and every morning to start her day. I thought we had all of that. I thought we were the first people in each other’s lives to know everything about each other.

We used to be something special. We had that real thing that everyone dreams about. We used to be the one shining light in each other’s lives. Our days used to start and end with us locked in each other’s arms. Now look at us. I get up and go to work as you’re coming home ready for bed. Never able to find time to talk to each other. All those nights she been going out looking like the girls of my dreams and I never once got to see her.

I went from first on her list to last on her list in the span of a few days. Once we got back and settled in it was like we had no more time for each other. We weren’t how we used to be. I iced to be the first person she wanted to talk to and she was the first person I always wanted to see. Now we only we’re just someone we used to know.

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