Eight O’clock Treat

It was my first week back home in a few months and I needed to make up for all my lost time I’ve been missing back at home. I had nothing to do that day but sit by the pool, work on my tan, and enjoy some ice cold Bud Lights and all things legal thanks to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Being home that week and having no plans were truthfully the best plans.

My dad and brother were working all week and had errands they had to run after work naturally. So I was essentially home alone. It was just my dog and I partying at the house all day until they got home. Her and I have been loving our time together initially, but it didn’t take long until we started going crazy. I can only be still for so long you know.

One night they both got home early so we all hung out on the deck. Then in the middle of conversation they both got up. My brother had a baseball game he had to go to and my father had to run out. It was my first week back home and it’s like I’m spending more time with my dog than anyone else. I wasn’t totally complaining either, I missed her the most anyway.

We were cool for a while that night. She came outside to hangout with me every time I went out just to come back inside and cuddle up next to me on the couch. We were loving our night together. I thought things were going perfectly, we watched 101 Dalmatians, we watched The Secret Life Of Pets, like I know we had a good time together. About three quarters of the way through the Scooby Doo Spooky Island movie she started going batshit crazy. She became restless, she was running around the house, scratching at the door to go outside, and whimpering for who knows why.

I couldn’t figure out why she was acting crazy. I gave her more water, let her roam around outside, and nothing helped. Honestly she was starting to freak me out. It got to the point where the two of us sat in the living room for an hour and a half just staring at each other. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with her. I assumed she smelt an animal or something outside but every time we went out nothing was there. I refused to let her outside again. Instead we had our stare off.

She didn’t settle down until my dad walked in the door that night. The dog ran over to him more eager and more excited then she typically is when he gets home. As soon as I mentioned that she has been acting crazy he yelled at me, “well did you give her her eight o’clock treat?” Of course I didn’t. How the hell was I supposed to know she gets a treat at eight o’clock? I feel like that’s something they should have told me before they left me alone with her all night.

That’s when I realized that he loved her more than us. My dad remembered to give our dog a treat that night and couldn’t even remember to pick up my food for me on the way home. We don’t have to eat dinner every night right?

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