I’m Talking Bout Chi-Town

It was just another Sunday night in Chicago. But for us it was our last night visiting the city and the only thing we had planned was dinner with some friends. We had an hour to kill before we needed to start getting ready so we could make the dinner reservations. It was an hour we should have spent getting ready.

Instead we got lost in each other. It was just us in her friend’s one bedroom apartment in the middle of the city. I was sitting on the desk on my laptop writing about her while she was sitting on the bed staring at me. Neither of us could ignore our attraction towards one another. We could only fight back the urge to keep our hands off each other for so long.

Our lips met in the middle of her apartment, our hands found each other’s body, and without saying a word we knew we were going to waste that time together. We took full advantage of every second of that hour not letting our hands leave one another. We laid there in the bed together pending every last second together until we finally had to get ready.

When her alarm for us to change went off we already knew we were going to be late. We rushed to get ready, sharing the single bathroom each of us showering while the other was doing their hair. The reservation we were supposed to make was 8:30 and she didn’t get out of the shower until 8:15. We spent every bit of our extra time we had together and felt well behind schedule.

Neither one of us really cared. We were soaring on this high together. Our eyes barely left each other. I found myself sitting on the toilet fully dressed while I waited for her doing her makeup. I just couldn’t let myself be away from her. To us being late was no issue, everyone was there already they didn’t have to wait for us. We got dressed, twisted something up for our walk, and made our way to the restaurant.

When we got there and found our friends the waiter was just bringing out the bread and oil. Evidently we had impeccable timing. I couldn’t tell you what everyone was talking about at dinner. I just remember laughing with everyone else while they laughed. Most of the time I couldn’t hear the conversation or understand their inside jokes but still enjoyed every second of it admiring how beautiful she is.

It was less than an hour ago we were laying in bed completely vulnerable. She had no makeup on, I had my hair all over the place, and we were laying in bed naked together. All of dinner I couldn’t hear a thing. All I could think about was how soft her skin was, how perfect her lips fit onto mine, and how I couldn’t wait to feel her again.

We didn’t even order our entree and all I was thinking about was her. I wasn’t even hungry anymore. We were at this extravagant Italian restaurant with all of her friends and all I could think about was getting her alone with me again. She was my tour guide showing me this beautiful new city and all it has to offer and all I wanted from it was her. She could see in my eyes and we left dinner leaving cash for our tab while everyone else waited for the check.

That Sunday night in Chicago might have been my favorite night of all.

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