Worst Job Ever

There’s plenty of shitty jobs out there. I have a long list of jobs I would never do like; being a painter, a mover, or a plumber are some of my least favorites. Those jobs are dirty, physically strenuous, and honestly kind of boring. To each his own, but it isn’t something I could do for more than a couple hours.

After traveling for work so much and being limited to predominantly public gas station bathrooms, there’s a new job at the top of the list, someone that has to clean those bathrooms. I’m in and out of strangers’ houses all day long to fix their electrical problems and it baffles me how disgusting some people choose to live.

Which leads me to the poor souls that have to clean up after us filthy animals in the bathroom. I know I’m not always the cleanest guy in the toilet but that’s because of all the crap I put into my body. I at least have the decency to flush the toilet or not use the entire roll of toilet paper at once and clog the toilet. There are some disgusting people out there you don’t know the half of it.

That has to be the worst part of their jobs; trying to unclog the toilet so hard that no matter how hard they try to cut up the mess in the toilet or hit it with the plunger with that shit water spraying all over the place and not being able to fix it. Then it gets worse, they then have to lock the stall door from inside the stall and crawl under the door onto the floor they had just soaked with all the waste that was in the toilet, to get out from the locked stall. Just to put a piece of paper on the door saying “out of order” and calling a plumber to come fix it.

There’s many jobs I won’t do, but when I saw the bathroom attendant have to do that one day, I knew that had to be the worst job out there and I’m sorry. I know how gross us guys can be and for all of us, even those assholes who use all the toilet paper, We’re sorry.

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