The PanHandler

I like to think I have a decent job. I mean it pays the bills, keeps a roof over my head whatever right. The thing that sucks about my job is that I actually have to work. Like bust my ass you know? Sometimes I come home from work smelling like I just played a game of football.

Sometimes I get some easy days but for the most part I get stuck working all day long. Which I know we all do but sometimes it can be exhausting. The only time I get a break is lunch and that isn’t always guaranteed. There was one job I was running and I made it a point for us to take lunch.

Mentally and physically I knew we needed it. For that hour, oh yeah I’m a cool boss, we would sit out in front of the job site and eat our lunch. At the corner of the street maybe forty feet from us, there was this panhandler who was there everyday. Each day I watched as people were doing their good deed for the day giving him a dollar.

I spent my lunch counting how many dollars, granted they could have been more, he was getting. During the hour-long lunch we took, I saw this man make sixteen dollars cash. Maybe more. All he was doing was just chilling with his headphones in and a sign.

There I was stressing to make the deadline for the job turning my hair grey for at the time twenty something an hour. Maybe I have this work thing all wrong. If I spend a couple hours sitting on the corner I could walk away with enough cash to pay my bills and keep a roof over my head. Maybe they got it all figured out.

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